Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mango-Saffron Shake

I firmly believe that more the mango drips as you squeeze and direct it to your mouth the tastier it is! You just can't beat the taste or the feeling of being totally involved in the process of relishing a mango as the juices flow down your throat, never mind you might end up needing to have a shower after the indulgence.
Anyway, I love mangoes but it been years since I have been so mesmerized by mangoes.

It frankly doesn't matter to me how I eat the mango, I love it as is, sweet, sour or spicy, in a dish or as pickles...any day is a good mango day.Well, I bought some mangoes last weekend thinking they were sweet and since the first one I tried was not very sweet, I thought I will wait for it to get ripe and sweeten (you see my mind had already fantasized about the non existent sweetness), but that doesn't seems to happen. So I decided to make some shake adding sugar to sweeten it. Here is the result.

This recipe also goes perfectly for sunshinemom's 'Food In Colors - Yellow' event.

Mango - 1 large
Milk - 2 1/2 cups
Sugar - 5 tsp
Saffron - few strands
Ginger Powder / Chukku podi- 2 tsp
Grated Nutmeg - a pinch

The recipe itself is very simple. In a blender add chopped mango slices. Add milk, you can add low fat or full, I used full. You can also use portion of water instead of milk but you might be giving up on the richness of the drink. Again if you want you can also add ice cubes in the blender along with the rest, if you want it .
chilled. Add more or less milk according to the thickness of the drink you desire. Add sugar, increase or reduce according to the sweetness of the mango, mine wasn't very sweet. Add a couple of saffron strands, ginger powder and blend until smooth. You can leave it a little chunky if you like bits of mango in your drink.
Once done pour into glasses and garnish with the remain strands of saffron and the grated nutmeg.


Asha said...

Beautiful color, I like the first photo!

I will post a powder for your event tomorrow (23rd) which was ready to go before the new date changed to Jan 26th. Hope it's okay! My posts go like clockwork, hard to stop! Hahaha!!

Smitha said...

The date didn't change ... the event just got preponed due to all your enhusiasm ...Hey don't let me stop your flow!! :) you're the bestest !!!

Ashwini Kenchanna said...

yummy mango shake. My favourite..feel like drinking it right away..Love saffron with anything..

sunshinemom said...

I am having a podi that is to come on soon too! Where did you get mangoes at this time of the year? I love the drink - if it has mangoes how can it not taste great? Thank you for the entry!

French Cooking for Dummies said...

wow! Looks delicious!

Smitha said...

Thanks Ashwini, French cooking....
You bet sunshinemom, can't go wrong with mangoes... I just hit the closest costco in the bay area to get these mangoes :) ...

delhibelle said...

what a sumptous colour!
mango and saffron is a lovely combo!

Uj said...

Mango at this time of the year? That's great.. looks yummy.. never added nutmeg powder.. will try that next time I find some.. loved the pics as well..

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