Saturday, March 28, 2009

Colors of Taste - Powders: Flavored Rice

So now that we are in a groove I thought we can jazz up the event a little bit ... so here's how it goes for the month of April - we will be spitting the event into two 15 days fast track events with a gap of one week in between.

The first 15 days we will keep with the theme but limit your options to only recipes from India and the next 15 days we will still stick to our theme but with with an International twist. Only recipes that are not from India will be accepted for this part.

The theme for this month's event is .....

Flavored Rice 

So you guys get to submit a flavored rice recipe for the first fifteen days with emphasis on the spices and masala that went into making it a wonderfully delicious, aromatic dish - can be a simple tamarind rice or an exotic Biryani ... then you get to take a break and whip up a recipe you have been thinking of making but have always held back , or maybe you make regularly that everyone at home just loves.... which as long as it comes from shores far away and emphasizes that special blend of spices other than just salt and pepper, you are good to go... maybe Thai, or Moroccan or Lebanese...well you have the world to choose from... :)

So ladies and gents ... get started ... I am so looking forward to all the recipes that I hope flood in :), and I hope you won't limit yourself to just one kind of recipe but would explore and submit for both parts of the event; which I think is the spirit with which we all participate in these events!!

This theme for the event runs from Mar 28th - May 7th. 

The First part of the Theme (Flavored Rice From India): March 28th - April 15th 
The Second part of the Theme (Flavored Rice From the rest of the world): April 23rd - May 7th

Only recipes that are sent within the time frame of the sub theme will be accepted for that part of the event. Roundups will be at the month end for the theme "Flavored Rice".

The rules are simple :
1. Post about it on your blog with picture during the relevant deadline. Past entries are gladly accepted, please make sure you edit the entry to mention the event and link back to the event.
2.You must provide a link to this post and the COT-Powders page in your entry post.
3. Your creation must be prepared for the Colors Of Taste - Powders event and cannot be submitted to any other blog event.
4. All entries must be vegetarian...sorry about that.
5. Please do not Repost.
6. No need to add picture, I will pull it out from your post.

Please feel free to use the Event Logo in your post for the event.

Once you have posted your dish, send an email with "Colors Of Taste - Powders: Flavored Rice [Indian / World]" in the subject line and send to kadumangacolors(at) gmail (dot) com within the deadline.

Include the following details in your mail:
Name of the dish:
Name of the Blog:
Link to the dish entered in the event:
Your Name:

If you do not have a blog, just email the recipe and a picture.

For Indian Flavored Rice : April 15th 
For International Flavored Rice : May  7th 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Colors of Taste - Powders: Podi's as an Accompaniment - RoundUp

Drum roll Please!!! here are the entries for the march. This month's theme bought out a flurry of responses as much loved spices and blends made their way over to the event. What bought the most smiles was that almost all were nostalgic representations of what tasted best when mom made that were handed down from mother to daughter that have now become an integral part of the next generation...
It is with pleasure I present the roundup for the month of march.

Colors of Taste - Powders: Podi's as an Accompaniment - RoundUp

Curry In Kadai : Dhaniyala Chenaga pappu Karam podi -- Aromatic Coriander seeds and split chick peas spice powder

Plantainleaf : Putnala Podi (Veyinchina Senagapappu Podi Spicy Chick Pea Powder)

Archy's Recipe Book : Flax meal chutney powder/pudi

Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipe : Coconut Peanut Podi

Appetizing Recipes : Multipurpose Powder