Kadumanga. This word brings back so many happy memories of home. Home is ... Trichur. Trichur is known as the cultural capital of kerala. Know as Thrissivaperur (town of the sacred shiva ) in ancient times, Trichur or Thrissur is the anglicized abbreviation with which it is currently known. And at the heart of this beautiful town is the famous Vaddakumnathan temple. The famous Thrissur Pooram at this temple attracts thousands of visitors to watch the grand processions of magestic elephants from the neighbouring temples, Pachavadyams & fireworks. The most impressive of these processions are those from the rival groups of the Krishna Temple at Thiruvambady and the Devi Temple at Paramekkavu. And let's just say I am partial to the tiruvambady side :).

Kadumanga (tender baby green mango).Kadumanga .. so tender that acidic fluid is still on the stalk, is gathered up, usually the happy duty of little ones at home, to be made in to spicy kadumanga Pickles. I remember going on kadumanga hunts with a small paper pack of salt and chilli powder. If we found one that is just too juicy and plump to resist, then off we go the find a rock to rub the acid away and out came the packet, only to be devoured in seconds. Oceans apart now, memories of kadumanga brings the smells, sights and taste of home closer...

This blog is something I have been meaning to start a long time back, but never got around to. In this blog I want to bring together traditional Indian food - especially Kerala and Tamil Cuisines. Now why tamil, you ask? hubby roots...I wanted to collect traditional recipes that are new to me, but ones I am quickly falling in love with. So here you will find recipes that are tried, tested and tried yet again until perfected.

Hope this blog brings smiles and happy memories to all of you far away from home...


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