Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Saturday Special: Recipe Video Of the Week : Barvan Dum Aloo - Sanjay Thumma

I realized that lot of the times when I search for recipes in blogs to try out,I invariable end up checking recipe videos. There are so many talented cook/chefs who offer their recipe secrets via videos out there that you just want to try each and every recipe they offer. There are times when sometimes it is just a pleasure watching them, even though you might never cook the recipes, sometimes I feel that when I watch the Food network chefs...I am not sure what they are cooking or how it will taste, but boy, they sure look good, and make you feel good...Sometimes these videos/shows mesmerize you with their presentation skills, spread of dishes, table scape, the gadgets, or just their passion for cooking....So I have decided that every week I will post one inspiring video recipe that not only looks and feels good but actually tastes good that I have tried, tested and would love to share. And when you go through one recipe I am sure you will stumble upon many more delicious recipes of that person..because if you are like me you just can't watch one video and not click next! Many a times I would have landed on a video to make one recipe but end up making another recipe just because I was curious what else that person made....

So one such chef, who I look up often to check out various recipes is the ever popular, thoroughly humorous and extremely talented Vahrehvah Chef Sanjay Thumma. There isn't one favorite recipe I have of his. His explanations are simple and the recipes look all too simple to make, but they end up tasting great.. So here is one of his recipe video that you might want to try if you have not already -